New User Interface Features:
+ A new, enhanced, tabbed UI enables you to get the information you need in one tap on the screen.
+ UI Flexibility: Now with the ability to move Tabs around to suit your individual needs.
+ Invalid contracts notification: Invalid and Expired Contracts will be marked appropriately.

Immediate information for each future listing will show:
+ Name, Symbol, Current Price, Date/Time of Price, Change (Price), Change (Percent), High, Low, and a graphical Green Up / Red Down arrow.

Custom Watchlist:
+ Setup a custom Watchlist from any future within the iFutures App.

Futures Chain & Intraday Charts:
+ Tap a future to see a five month futures chain, and an Intraday Chart.

Futures Chain & Full Screen Technical Charts:
+ Tap a future to see a five month futures chain, and a Full Screen Technical Chart.
+ Customize your chart with the following: 1D, 5D - Line, Bar, Candle - MA, EMA, Indicators (MACD, MFI, ROC, RSI, Slow Stoch, Fast Stoch, Vol, Vol+MA, W%R), & Overlays (Bollinger Bands, Parabolic SAR , Splits , Volume)

Configuration Screen - Category:
For each Tab/Category (Energy, Metals, Grains, etc.)
+ Shows each future and the contract you are currently tracking.
+ Change contracts for all futures in a Category at once.
+ Re-order futures list.
+ Hide/Show futures from list with a single tap.

Configuration Screen - Individual future:
+ Changing of contract will only allow choice of valid contract months.
+ Shows the Exchange, Last Day of Trading, and Available Contracts.

+ Date/Time regional formatting: Choose from the three global standards.
+ Choose which tab to be your default when the app opens.
+ Choose which type of Charting and Futures Chain you prefer. Intraday or Full Screen Technical.

A valid Internet connection is required for iFutures to connect to the market data services. 3G/Wifi is preferred and will give you the best results. EDGE may be a little slow.

Quotes are delayed at least 5 minutes, sometimes longer depending on the exchange.

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